Police Reform

The NYPD need to be held to account for injustices against Black and Brown people all over New York: from Eric Garner to Francisco Garcia. As your city councilor, I will ensure:
  • Re-direct funding from the militarization of the police to fund crime preventative and mental health programming
  • Civilians are employed in roles that encourage transparency and accountability in the policing process. 
  • There are safe havens for whistleblower cops in order to prevent retaliation.
  • Access to both internal demographical data and data regarding those who come into contact with police in order to flag issues and promptly correct them.
  • Mandate implicit bias training for all police personnel that addresses both individual biases as well as internal cultural nuances of police culture.

Fair Housing

Residents of the 36th Council District struggle to maintain their housing. I will fight to: 
  • Increase access to the Housing Lottery 
  • Reshape our Rent-to-own programs within District 36 
  • Allow first-time home-owners to receive fair loans
  • Put an end to gentrification in the 36th District where residents who have lived in the district for years are no longer forced out of their homes due to pricing people out
  • Allocate money to shelter those experiencing homelessness, creating long term shelter options for those with mental health issues 
  • End discrimination in the housing market based upon race, sexual orientation and gender
  • Create more affordable housing in District 36
  • Invest more funding into NYCHA buildings across the district

Transportation & Infrastructure

​As your City Councilor, I will make transportation and infrastructure of my top priorities. If elected, I plan to:
  • Ensure District 36 has green, electric buses circulating in our district
  • Work to convert Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights are receiving green energy in their neighborhoods
  • Increase transparency on public transit schedules 
  • Create contact-less payment options in communities of color
  • Address issues concerning alternate side parking
  • Call for increased attention to street conditions
  • Make a system for unlimited public transit for K-12 during school hours

Youth Food Safety and Education

As an educator, I know the issues that are imperative for success in the classroom. If elected, I promise to:​
  • Increase funding to Title 1 schools
  • Create Academic Intervention Vouchers (AIV) for low-income families, Enrichment Program Vouchers (EPV) for low-income families 
  • Hire more nurses and guidance counselors
  • Forge partnerships with local leaders in education such as Principals, PTA, non-profits that service the needs of our youth in their quest for equitable education  
  • Address the Digital Divide by making library resources that are in line with the Brooklyn Central Library (Podcast room, latest technology, and literature, broadband + wifi access for all families in the district) This is achieved through strategic partnerships w. broadband providers
  • Provide free breakfast for students in the district
  • Address food deserts in our community and providing grants to small businesses to fill these gaps
  • Ensure funding is there for mental health professionals in schools
  • Allocate funding for STEM programs for students

Small Business & Economic Opportunity

As a small business owner, I know the squeeze that we're all under with COVID-19. But this struggle was here long before the pandemic was here. As your City Councilor, I will:
  • Support legislation that will create grants for small business to get their fair shake
  • Ensure that government contracts are available to small business
  • Advocate for federal funding to go to District 36's small businesses
  • Make sure Minority and Women owned businesses get the assistance they need in order to be successful
  • Provide subsidies for businesses converting to green forms of energ
  • Support the idea of a Public Bank, a bank with the interest of building New York City's neighborhoods
  • Invest in training initiatives for entrepreneurs
  • Streamline permit and licensing process
  • Host in-district Small Business workshops 
  • Organize an advisory board for small businesses in order to navigate the financial situations.
  • Create a cap on delivery services, from 20% to 15% to support local businesses


​As your City Council, I promise to devote my time and effort to comprehensive immigration reform. As a man of faith, I believe that all of God's children are equal in the eyes of God, and that's how we must treat those in New York City who are here without documentation. As your City Councilor, I plan to:
  • Increase access to immigration attorneys at the local level 
  • Defund ICE
  • Permit undocumented immigrants to participate in New York based health care programs such as Medicare & Medicaid
  • Advocate for funding for immigrant owned small business in the 36th District


There are over 1.1 million seniors that live in New York City, and over 325,000 living in Brooklyn alone. This number continues to grow. These Seniors will be able to live out their golden years in the community which they helped build. Many have expressed a desire to be able to go on more trips and engage in outside activities. As your city councilor, I promise to:
  • Ensure buildings and subways are accessible to Seniors
  • Partner with companies like Uber, Lyft, and other ride-sharing apps to make sure that Seniors are able to get to health appointments safely
  • Add new financial protections to the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE) and the Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) to protect Seniors
  • Expand the food security programs with local vendors, CBOs and NYC agencies 
  • Call for protections proactively to ensure senior facilities are safe and secure
  • Provide additional protections for Seniors who are homeowners from predatory real estate conglomerates

Universal Healthcare

As a vice president of three hospitals, I know just how important it is that our hospitals have funding, and that our citizens have access to Healthcare. COVID-19 has put the biggest strain on our healthcare system in throughout the history of New York and as a nation. As your City Council Member, I will fight for:
  • Universal Healthcare to ensure that all of District 36 will have access to quality treatment for any disease that they may face, especially as we are currently in a pandemic.
  • Ensuring Black voices are heard and understood when speaking with their doctors by fighting for diversity training for all New York medical practitioners 
  • Vaccines being made available for District 36 since we're most impacted by the virus, especially since we don't know how long we'll face this crisis


From sleep on the streets during a pandemic or winter storm, our neighbors who are most vulnerable are those without a home. As your City Councilor, I will fight for:
  • Adequate funding for shelters across the district
  • More investments in preventative mental health treatment, instead of excessive police