If you don’t reform the police it is going to stay as the same kind of boys club it has always historically been. To change the dynamic of the NYPD, and to create an organization that looks out for our disenfranchised communities, and not one that resorts to violence at the earliest opportunity, we need to reform the police system in NYPD. This means allowing more leadership opportunities for black and brown officers to change the dynamic. Our cops should be focused on community outreach, de-escalation, and public safety.


As the vice president of three hospitals I know just how important it is that our hospitals are funded, and that our citizens have access to Healthcare. COVID-19 has seen the biggest strain put onto our healthcare system in the history of New York. As your City Council Member, I will fight for the necessary funding hospitals need to save lives, and for the rights of all of our citizens who need healthcare, regardless of their income. New York City is the most populated city in the United States. That’s why it is paramount that we have the healthcare and the great hospitals that this city deserves.


Every child deserves a great education. District 16 has not been giving our children the proper education they need to succeed. Kids during COVID have been sent home with Ipads but still don’t have the reliable internet needed for school. As your City Council Member, I will prioritize the education of New York's children so that no child has to suffer the loss of what an amazing education brings to us all.


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